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It is a rare Nashville home these days that does not have a garage with an automatic opener. It provides needed help to owners trying to get out of the rain or bringing in a trunk-full of groceries from the market. When they break, however, the extra effort needed to lift a garage door manually can prevent some members of our community from using them at all.

If the garage door in your Nashville home refuses to lift automatically, spring repair and replacement may be necessary. While a snapped spring is a rare occurrence, it happens more often if the garage is also the main entrance into a home. ProLift specialists bring years of training and experience to each area home that needs our skill set.

Extension and Torsion springs work in pairs, under tension, to raise and lower the garage door. When one of them breaks, that tension disappears, and the remaining spring cannot perform the task. While an expert welder can reconnect the broken pieces, replacement is far cheaper than repair. A single spring can cost between $165 - $200 depending on the size of the spring required.

Replacing them can be done as a DIY project, but many homeowners are hurt every year in the attempt. Besides hand and finger injuries, owners often cause more damage to the door. ProLift specialists can quickly disassemble and replace springs on every major brand name of garage door on the market today.

Our office works with several manufactures around the Greater Nashville area so that our replacement teams can respond immediately to a work order and have everything in place within a few hours, or before the children come home after school.

For more information or to schedule a visit and free consultation, call ProLift in Murfreesboro today at 1 (615) 617-4098. With over 40 years in our industry, we can help put your home back in working order.


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