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Professional Garage Door Repair Services Murfreesboro

Professional Garage Door Repair Services Murfreesboro

Professional Garage Door Repair Services Murfreesboro

For Murfreesboro residents, the garage door is the primary entrance for kids, pets, some visitors, and almost everything else that comes into the home. Any item in the home that gets this much use also collects much wear and tear over the years as well. That means regular inspections and maybe even routine repairs as well.

Not all Murfreesboro garage door repair services, though, are geared toward fixing or replacing door panels and broken, overhead springs. At Pro-Lift Doors, we also like to take care of the smaller issues that can affect the comfortability of your home and to stop them before they become a major problem.

An older garage door can look great, with no visible damage to the panels or windows and still have problems. Worn gaskets on the bottom allow water to flow in, soaking everything on the floor. If the garage is heated or cooled for comfort, a worn gasket also allows the climate-controlled air to flow out, increasing utility costs. It also protects the bottom of the door from damage. Our technicians can strip off the worn gasket and install a new within a few hours.

Another common problem Pro-Lift Doors technicians find is loose cables. If the drums are not retracting or letting out the cables evenly and tightly, it begins to throw the garage door out of balance. After a few weeks or months of this, the door eventually jams on the tracks, causing far more costly damage than tightening up the cables or replacing the drums as part of a service call.

Finally, there are hinges. Over time, the screws holding them in place can loosen, or rust from weather exposure. That causes doors to misalign slightly every time they go up or down the tracks. Before long, the action can cause the hinges to snap, damaging the door panels and jamming the tracks.

At Pro-Lift Doors of Murfreesboro, our goal is to help keep every garage door in good shape for homeowners and residents. If you have noticed your garage door, start to jerk or squeal when moving, or can see the cables not retracting as they should call us today at (615) 617-4098 to schedule a visit.

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