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Pro-Lift - Garage Door Track Replacement in Brentwood

Pro-Lift - Garage Door Track Replacement in Brentwood

Pro-Lift - Garage Door Track Replacement in Brentwood

Depending on where you work, getting across Brentwood takes every minute possible after dropping off kids at school and dealing with local and tourist traffic along I-65. Having to deal with a broken garage door can turn those simple tasks into a loss of a day’s pay or worse until you can secure your home again.

Many of the problems with a garage door are usually fixable with a track replacement or repair in Brentwood. Pro-Lift technicians can normally handle this need in a single day, with only one service call.

It is the morning rushing around that often causes the problem. The driver pulls out without looking, or stops suddenly and returns to the garage to retrieve a forgotten item. In either case, a vehicle moving at only 5 or 10mph can pull a track from the wall, or smash the two side out of their 90-degree angle far quicker than it takes to hit the brakes.

When it happens, every Pro-Lift service tech arrives at your home with everything he needs to put the issue right again. We keep a complete set of replacement tracks and other parts to service every major brand of the garage door opener. Our tech first marks where the track goes and each drilled hole for mounting the new equipment and hardware.

Now, we remove the garage door. Even if the damaged track is the lowest section, it is too dangerous to try and block a door overhead. Owners who go the DIY route try this, and it is one reason so many accidents, and injuries happen each year. If we cannot lower the door, then we remove the damaged track and manually lower the door.

Once down, our techs remove the hinge pins, and rollers put them aside if they are still usable. We next disengage the overhead springs and remove them if needed. Then, we unscrew the hinges from the top section and remove each door panel one-by-one.

Now, we bring out a new section of track and install it along with the previously made marks. After finishing, we perform the tasks in reverse to install the door panels, hinges, rollers, and hinge pins. Finally, we reinstall and reattach the overhead springs, so the door is ready to use again.

At Pro-Lift, our goal is to return each garage (and home) to a safe, usable state as quickly as possible. If you need us, we are here for you. Call us at (615) 617-4098 today to schedule a service visit.

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