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Pro-Lift - Brentwood Garage Door Repair and Replacement Services

Pro-Lift - Brentwood Garage Door Repair and Replacement Services

Pro-Lift - Brentwood Garage Door Repair and Replacement Services

Brentwood residents are constantly on the go. Our city’s location makes it ideal for commuting to other towns or having an extensive to-do list every day. Keeping a busy schedule is now common for everyone from factory workers to stay-at-home parents, so when an issue like a broken garage door happens, getting it repaired quickly is extremely important.

Regardless of what the repair issue is with your Brentwood garage door, Pro-Lift repair services can meet the need. Our technicians train extensively and can repair every major, residential brand, no matter if it is a snapped roller pin, broken gear, or anything else.

With a snapped pin, the fix is a simple one, but it may take time, depending on the location. If the broken roller is on an upper panel, a technician can remove and replace it in a matter of minutes. If it is attached to a lower panel, then it may be necessary to remove and set aside the panels over it to remove the roller pin without causing additional damage to the door.

Each service vehicle has an extensive inventory of tools and replacement parts, so Pro-Lift technicians arrive with everything they need for the task. They detach the hinges holding each panel to the one below it, and once they get to the affected panel, quickly replacing the roller becomes the simplest part of the job.

Replacing a broken gear or sprocket is a bit more time-consuming, but not a problem for us. Depending on the model, it may be necessary to remove the entire motor and casing from the ceiling. If the break happened cleanly, then we can replace the piece similar to changing out a broken bolt or screw. If the failed gear tore away a piece of the casing, then the electronics inside are exposed, and we change out the broken cover with a replacement from the truck.

At Pro-Lift here in Brentwood, our goal is to help get you back on schedule as quickly as possible. If you have any issue with your garage door, even if it is just moving slower than usual, call us at (615) 617-4098 to set up a service call. Let us take care of it for you.

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