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ProLift Garage Doors Blog Post – Spring Checklist – March 9

Wrapping Up Winter with Your Spring Checklist

With flowers blooming and birds chirping, you may be thinking…Spring is around the corner! And you may also be thinking that it’s a great time to officially wrap up winter by creating a spring checklist for your home, your yard, and… your garage! That’s right – remember to add garage door repair to the list. ProLift Garage Doors can take the worry of a squeaky garage door off of your mind!


Cleaning Up After Winter

For your own enjoyment, as well as for the curb appeal of your home, cleaning up your yard and the exterior of your home is an impactful portion of your spring checklist to close out the effects of winter. We found these 10 steps for cleaning up your yard after winter that will help you bring out the beauty of your yard currently disguised under winter debris and dirt.

With tips like covering utility boxes and raking debris for compost, this useful compilation of steps to follow when tackling the yard takes a holistic approach to creating a backyard escape for your family to enjoy for the rest of your spring and all of your summer.


Prepping for Summer

The best part of completing your spring checklist is kicking back and relaxing while you admire your new-to-you home and yard without a trace of winter’s toll. Because your garage bridges the gap between home and yard, you’ll want it to be in tip-top shape to accommodate your family’s comings and goings.

Check out ProLift’s advice on ways to prep your garage for summer. This list will help you save on energy bills, as well as help keep your garage door in good working order. Once you’ve completed your spring checklist, you can look forward to enjoying your home and yard all summer long!


If you want to outsource your garage door needs to a local business with rigorously trained professionals, ProLift offers the service you and your family want. With partnerships with recognized companies like Amarr, we can provide the highest quality work and materials. When you hire us, you can support small businesses AND get the great results that you deserve

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