Garage Door Panel Repair & Replacement

Garage Door Panel Replacement & Repair in Collin County, TX

Do you have existing panels of your garage door that continuously drive you crazy and stand out as an eye-sore on your home? If so, you may think that since your garage door is still functioning well, there is no way to repair the appearance without replacing the entire door. Luckily, ProLift Garage Doors of Collin County offers single and multiple garage door panel replacement in Collin County, TX, and the surrounding residential communities.

Our Garage Door Panel Replacement Service

There are many reasons your garage door no longer looks as it did when it was first installed. Garage doors bear the elements daily and this causes great wear and tear over time. You may also notice discoloration, scratches, dents, and more depending on the age and overall use of your door. Fortunately, you don’t need to replace the door if the only thing wrong is how it looks.

Our team will come out to your home and inspect the panels that need to be replaced. We can help you find, select, and order the best match for your garage door and install your new panel(s) upon their arrival. In some cases, there may not be the exact color of your door available, but you can still match the style and then the individual panels or the entire garage door can be painted. This gives you an opportunity to give your home and curb appeal an upgrade at a much lower cost than replacing the entire door.

It’s important to note that we can also help you with a brand new garage door installation as well – if you determine that is the best choice for you. Our garage door specialists will work with you to find the right size, brand, and style that fit into your budget and give your home the look you desire.

Why Choose ProLift Garage Doors of Collin County?

Making sure our customers are satisfied with their garage door appearance and overall functionality is our top priority. You can count on our technicians to treat your garage door with integrity and the utmost care. Our valued customers keep coming back because they know they can trust our team to provide the services they need when they need them most.

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Don’t let chipped, discolored, scratched, or dented garage door panels get you down for any longer! Contact our team today to schedule your appointment and get your garage door looking brand new again! Call us at (469) 651-1009 or fill out our online form. We look forward to serving you and welcoming you to our ProLift family.

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