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Summer brings days full of sun and time spent by the pool. Unfortunately, summer also brings extreme heat and brutal thunderstorms. This intense weather can wreak havoc upon your home and result in costly damage. While your garage may not be the first location that comes to mind when you prepare your home for summer, ensuring it is weatherproof and functional will help retain your home’s value. Follow the checklist below to ensure that your garage is ready to handle anything this season throws at it.


If you’re losing cool air out of your garage, insulating your garage door is a sensible financial decision. We recommend investing in an insulated garage door. ProLift Garage Doors can install your new garage door to protect your home against the summer heat. We work with trusted garage door manufacturers like Clopay. They offer an entire series of insulated garage doors, like this carriage house garage door.


Insulation slows the transfer of heat and can help reduce your energy bill. Insulation is most impactful in your garage on the wall shared by your garage and home interior. If you’ve turned your garage into a home gym or additional living space to make more room, then you might be considering adding a cooling system to your garage. If this is the case, it is wise to insulate your entire garage so that cooler air doesn’t escape. Regardless of how your family uses your home’s garage, insulating it will keep it from becoming unbearably hot during the summer.


The weatherstripping around your garage door gets a lot of wear and tear throughout the year. It’s completely normal that weatherstripping hardens or cracks over time. Before the scorching summer weather sets in, make sure your weatherstripping is up for the job. You can inspect your weatherstripping by closing your garage door, turning off the lights, and looking for light coming under the door. If you see any gaps, this means that cool air is escaping from your garage door and costing you money. Even worse and potentially more expensive, this gap could allow water in. Resulting flood damage from notorious summer downpours is a huge financial burden, so definitely make sure that your weatherstripping is in good condition.


Whether a new insulated garage door fits your lifestyle needs or you are overdue for a simple upgrade, repairing or replacing your garage door helps prepare your garage for summer. Dents or weather damage can impede your garage door from proper operation. Take care of damages sooner rather than later before more of your money evaporate in the summer heat.

All of these updates require a professional’s eye and an expert’s touch — we’ll give you a free, no-obligation estimate so you can make sure that you’re getting the job done right, the first time. From space-saving garage door openers to efficient garage doors, your local ProLift Garage Doors can help find the best garage solutions to fit your life. Contact your local ProLift Garage Doors by calling (888) 824-9947 for a free estimate.

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