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Are you looking for a little extra curb appeal, without paying the cost of a full garage door replacement? Look no further. Our experts at ProLift Garage Doors have put together a few quick and easy design tips to refresh the look of your garage door and home at large, for the true DIY-er in all of us.

Consider windows or accent panels

Oftentimes, garage doors don’t come with specialty accent items like windows, colored panels, or a mixture of materials. But, these effects can easily be achieved with vinyl accent stickers, faux windows and other nifty items that are cost effective and look great. Of course, installing real windows in an existing garage door would require an expert’s help, but it’s important to look into every option and consider what’s out there for the designer in you!

Enhance with a new medium

Think wood, steel, or some other material that’s not already incorporated into your home’s façade. If it goes with the general design of your home, then adding new details to reface your garage door may be the perfect solution to sprucing up your home’s aesthetic. Adding reclaimed wood as a trip or molding is a common trend in 2017, and your home’s value could soar based on these kinds of updates. As long as it doesn’t get in the way of the garage door’s function, any creativity is applauded in updating your garage door’s style.

A simple paint job

This one is simple, but tried and always true. If your home needs a quick pick-me-up on the style front, simply add a fresh coat of paint to the garage door! Of course, adhere to the laws of design when choosing a color and finish, but don’t worry, we’ll trust your judgment from there.

Of course, not all updates are cost effective compared to a full replacement. Considering the average lifespan of a garage door (about three decades), it may be time to look into what the pros at ProLift Garage Doors have in store for you and your family. We offer a wide variety of garage door styles with a plethora of stylish and functional details that will replenish your home’s curb appeal and unique style. Call us today to see our garage door options and ask questions about your home and budget. We’re excited to work with you and see your dream home come to life.