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It’s no longer uncommon to convert a garage space into a full-fledged shared living space. If a DIY project is on the horizon to create your dream game room, lounge space, or band practice haven, the garage may seem like a prime location to make your dreams a reality.

Choosing to convert your garage also means making smart and possibly unique decisions about your garage door, depending on how you plan to use the space. One important detail is the level of use you plan to get out of your garage door. On average families open and close their garage doors between three and five times per day, but if one family plans to utilize the space more often, their door’s components may wear much faster than originally thought.

ProLift Garage Doors offers a multitude of garage door services that can help you on your journey to utilizing your garage space in a new, creative way. From design advice to finding the best garage for your intended function and budget, the garage experts at ProLift can offer key insight to realizing your goals in the garage. Our technicians will also be there every step of the way, from design to installation to regular maintenance over the years. And if you’re using your garage more than the average American family, that maintenance will be of the upmost importance to maintain your family’s safety and that of your friends who stop by to enjoy your newly designed space.

It’s also important to consider weather strips and energy efficiency when attempting to use a garage as a regular room in the home. Without proper insulation or weather features, excess dust, moisture, and heat can enter the garage to potentially damage any items or machines left inside for longer periods of time. Plus, if you’re planning on converting garage space to a place where family members or friends will live common aspects of heating, cooling, and ventilation won’t immediately apply to the garage. This is where proper insulation sealing, and style come into play to alleviate any issues with conversion. So, when the DIY bug hits, turn to ProLift for advice on combining peak fashion with functionality too.

Ready to revamp your garage space? Or do you just have a crazy idea floating in your head about what your space could be? It may be time to pair up with an expert at ProLift Garage Doors to help your dreams become a reality in the space no one expected.