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Prepare for Severe Weather

Prepare for Severe Weather

No matter where you live in the country, severe weather will affect your region. Take advantage of the long days and warm weather this summer to prepare your home for severe weather. The United States has more tornadoes annually than most other countries with more than 1,200 tornadoes per year. And while tornado season starts in different parts of the country at different times of year, starting in the spring and lasting through the summer, tornadoes have been known to hit at any time of the year.

Before wrapping up the summer season, fortify your home against severe weather and against the elements in general. Hurricane season officially begins June 1 and doesn’t end until November 30. And in the parts of the country where hurricanes and tornadoes are rare or non-existent, there are wind storms pushing forest fires up the mountains, as well as blizzards and floods.

Protect with ProLift

Along with hurricane shutters and basement supplies, a homeowner can ensure the safety of their home and their family by repairing or replacing their garage doors. ProLift Garage Doors can give you and your family peace of mind by inspecting your garage doors and providing their expert advice on whether or not to replace or repair your garage door in preparation for strong weather.

Garage Door Tune-Up

While you may only need a garage door tune-up, it’s best to schedule an appointment with a professional from ProLift before the seasons change. Taking steps to protect your home’s doors and windows may seem like second nature, but we often take the importance of a garage door for granted. Protect your home and your family from severe weather by recruiting the help of a professional to inspect and potentially repair or replace your garage door as part of your summer projects.

With partnerships with recognized companies like Amarr, ProLift can provide the highest quality work and materials in protecting your home by repairing or replacing your garage door. If you want to outsource your garage door needs to a local business with rigorously trained professionals, ProLift offers the service you and your family want. When you hire us, you can support a small business AND get the great results that you deserve.

For a free consultation with your local ProLift Garage Doors, call (888) 824-9947