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After being cooped up indoors for over a year, people are excited to visit new places and reconnect with family and friends that live far away. Cars, in particular, are expected to be the preferred method of travel. According to a recent survey by Bridgestone Americas Inc. “…over half of Americans plan to only travel by car this summer to reach their vacation destinations.”

The uptick in cars as this summer’s chosen transportation method indicates that people are looking to travel but still are wary of the large crowds. Car travel maintains a social bubble and reduces contact with strangers— objectives impossible with the swarms of people in airports and train stations. While driving is a great way to protect your personal health when traveling, you should make sure your car is equipped to handle the burden of an extended drive.


Before embarking on a trip, ensure your car is prepared for a long drive. Fill up the tank with gas, double check the tire pressure (including the pressure in your spare tire), and schedule an appointment at your local auto body shop if your car has experienced any problems or is due for an inspection. Be proactive about any maintenance your car may require—it is much better to be over prepared than broken down on the side of the road. These tasks may seem simple or obvious, but paying attention to the details will help your trip go off without a hitch.

Double check to make sure your license and registration are up to date. Keep your license in your wallet and store your vehicle’s registration in the glove box. If your destination requires a passport or vaccination card, make sure that these documents are readily accessible inside your vehicle.

In case of an emergency, keep a basic first aid kitjumper cables, and flares in the trunk. Bottles of water, snacks, and an extra phone charger are also good items to have, so we recommend finding a spot to store them inside your car. Being prepared if your car breaks down or if something unexpected happens will help to ease any trip-related anxiety.

Know the status of traveling to make informed decisions about how to safely reach your destination this summer. Regardless of where you go or how you choose to get there, enjoy the return to your home by pulling into a beautiful and functional garage.

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