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Halloween is a creative holiday that awakens imagination in all ages. After you outgrow trick-or-treating, the Halloween spectacle continues when you transform your property into an eerie landscape. Whether you convert your yard to a graveyard or perch a scary skeleton on your front stoop, the possibilities are endless.

Get in the Halloween spirit this year by decorating your garage door! Of course, we recommend taking necessary precautions to ensure any decorations you install do not interfere with your garage door’s ability to function safely. Please make sure your embellishments stay clear of the motion sensor!

Channel the spooky season with these five decoration ideas. Whether you’re looking to DIY or b-u-y, these ideas will get you feeling ghoulish.

1. Spooky, Scary Spiders

Photo Credit: Wayfair

Convert your garage door into a supersized spider web with this creepy spider decal. We like decals for your doors because they don’t get in the way from your garage door’s functional performance. This decal has spiders of all sizes to add to the fun!

2. Bunches of Bats

Photo Credit: Etsy

For decorations that still feel ghostly without being too dramatic or sinister, we love these simple bat decals. With so many shapes of bats, it’s easy to get creative and make your own design.

3. Ghoulish Halloween Silhouette

Photo Credit: Instructables

This creative Halloween enthusiast got (witch)crafty with their DIY garage door decorations. The homemade silhouettes against the spooky lighting create a festive look for Halloween night.

4. Mysterious, Friendly Mummy

Photo Credit: Unique Unusual or Interesting II

This easy DIY only requires yarn or toilet paper and two black dots for eyes! This subtle decoration won’t detract from your curb appeal, but will amplify the Halloween spirit. Change the shape of the eyes to make your mummy more mischievous.

5. Monster on the Move

Photo Credit: Country Living

One of the unique advantages of decorating your garage door that your home’s other exterior features can’t compete with is the ability to move. This creative homeowner in Cleveland, Ohio transformed her garage door into an animated monster house. See how it moves here!

No matter how you decide to haunt your house this Halloween, make sure to stay safe. Regular garage door maintenance will prevent unwanted scares during spooky season, and save you from the horrors of hidden major expenses from putting off routine inspections. Save yourself the fear and call ProLift Garage Doors for your garage door maintenance needs at (888) 824-9947.