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Garages are designed to protect our cars from the elements and provide home security. While it is essential our garages perform these simple tasks, they can also serve a number of other purposes. In this article, ProLift Garage Doors will share five unique ways to use your garage. Use your garage space as a work space, mud room, play space, or for hosting and storage.

Work Space

If your garage is insulated, it has the potential to be a fantastic workshop, studio, or home office. Garages are especially great for artists and designers; concrete floors allow you to make a mess with less worry. It also is the perfect place to store heavy, bulky tools that do not fit well inside your home. Get creative with your garage space and find more room inside your home.


If you have kids or pets, a mud room is great to have. Your garage can easily be transformed into a mudroom for extra clothes and shoes. Use your mudroom to store heavy winter coats, hiking shoes, and work boots. A mud room will help you keep your home clean and tidy. Stop trekking mud inside.

Play Space

If you need more room for your kids’ toys make your garage a play space. With the proper precautions, your garage can be made into the perfect play room for your kids. Garages are the perfect place for your kids to chill-out when they need shade from the hot sun or the weather is less than perfect. By placing a picnic table, sandbox, and drawing surface in your garage, your kids will have a great place to play.


If you’re hosting a birthday party or family reunion your garage can maximize your space. Garages can be a great place to set up extra fold-out tables, set-up refreshments, and store drinks. Considering placing a spare fridge in your garage to store extra drinks.


If you’re a sports fanatic, use your garage to store kayaks, canoes, bikes, and snowboards. If you don’t have an attic, your garage can hold old furniture and clothing. If you organize your garage properly, it has the potential to be a great storage unit. Get creative.

Make the most out of your garage space by using it for more than just cars and bikes. Utilizing these helpful tips, from ProLift Garage Doors, is an easy way to get more out of your home. Find space you didn’t know you had. At ProLift Garage Doors, we have unique solutions to common problems. Work with us to see your garage like you’ve never seen it before.

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