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4 Tips to Keep Your Home Secure While You’re Out of Town

With plane tickets and luggage in hand this summer, many homeowners will travel all over to find their own version of paradise.

If you’re planning a vacation as a homeowner, there’s a lot to consider before you put up your feet for the week. Be certain your home security is not overlooked with these quick tips to protect your home no matter where you’re headed this vacation season.

Unplug Your Appliances

Avoid a damaging power surge or electrical fire by making sure your appliances are turned off while you’re away. This tip applies primarily to unnecessary appliances like TVs, lamps, or coffee makers; you’ll likely want to keep the larger appliances running. 

Use Alarm Systems to Your Advantage

Contact your alarm system company to inform them that you’ll be out of town. Many systems also have ways to check in on your home remotely, so use that feature if you have it.

You can hang a security company sign to scare off intruders, even if you don’t have an alarm system or security camera. And remember to check on your fire and carbon monoxide alarms if they’re separate from your system.

Enlist Some Help

Let a trusted neighbor or friend know you’ll be out of town for some extra peace of mind while you’re away.

Have them closely monitor any suspicious or potentially worrisome activity around your home. If possible, it’s even better to trust someone enough to house-sit or provide them with a spare key for emergencies.

Check Points of Entry

When looking around to see where someone could get into your yard or home, go beyond the doors and windows.

Damaged or malfunctioning garage doors can be a liability, especially if the garage is attached to your home, and could leave you vulnerable to theft. Call to schedule garage door repair services before your vacation if you notice anything off about it. 

Ensure Safety and Functionality with Professional Garage Door Repair Services

Protecting your home is your top priority, even when you aren’t there. ProLift Garage Doors can help make sure your garage is always in good condition so you can feel confident on your vacation. Call 888-824-9947 to schedule a tune-up today.

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