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4 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Needs Summer Service

Garage doors see a lot more action in the summer, so it makes sense that they’d need a little more attention. Be that as it may, it’s not the whole story. Here are four reasons why you should schedule garage door service this summer:

1. Heat and Humidity

While you and yours might love the summer heat, your garage door isn’t nearly as big of a fan. Humidity can make parts of your door sticky, forcing it to use more effort to open. For wooden garage doors, humidity is even more dangerous, as too much moisture can ruin the door outright. Lots of sunlight can also affect garage doors and even garage door openers, as the increased temperatures and brightness can manipulate the sensors and cause things to break easily.

2. Excessive Use

Maybe you’re taking multiple day trips to the beach, or maybe your garage doubles as a place for house guests to enjoy a summer bash, but neither scenario will be possible if your garage door is overused and in bad shape as a result. Call for professional maintenance services so you can continue using your garage without interrupting your summer fun.

3. Great Time for a Tune-Up

Summer is an excellent time for a garage door tune-up, especially if you missed the window for one in spring. Drastic weather changes can cause materials in the door to shift and mess with how your door operates. While there’s no wrong time to call for services, calling in summer can prepare you for the other side of the coin, as fall and winter temperatures roll in.

4. Protection

The summer season is one full of activity, but not all are welcome. A damaged or malfunctioning garage door could alert unwanted guests, whether wildlife or thieves, to your home as an easy target. Keep intruders out by scheduling some summer maintenance.

Beat the Heat with ProLift Garage Doors

Summers are tough on your garage door, but the team at ProLift Garage Doors makes things much easier. A maintenance check-up from one of our technicians is the best way to ensure your door makes it through the hot weather, so schedule a tune-up with us today!