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4 Alternative Uses for Your Garage

The garage is commonly used as an informal storage unit, but many homeowners don’t realize the opportunities this space holds. Adding livable square footage to your home not only boosts your property value, but can also add activity space.

With a little imagination, there are countless ways to transform your garage. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Create an At-Home Gym 

Creative projects should start with a clean slate. Begin by collecting and donating your seldom-used items. For your miscellaneous garage tools and equipment, consider organizational solutions from providers like Kitchen Wise & Closet Wise or Target.

Now that you have a clean garage with ample floor space, consider how you want to organize your home gym. Consider grouping items together such as an area for stretching which includes a foam roller and yoga mat.

Localize Kid Clutter with a Play Area

Transform your garage into a space for the kids to play and keep their toys. Reading nooks, beanie chairs, and game stations are a fun way to localize the kids’ activities away from the indoor areas in your home which are better kept tidy for guests.

Install a Lifestyle Screen for “Flex” Space

A “flex” space is a blend between the indoors and outdoors that can be used for many purposes. You can invest in a garage screen door from Lifestyle Screens that keeps bugs out while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. You can also prop up tables and easels for an art studio or add comfortable seating for a screened-in outdoor living room.

Create Your Dream Office

With insulation and air control to keep the room temperature neutral year-round, a garage can also be made into a cozy office. Consider investing in decorative wooden ceiling beams and light fixtures to create an inviting atmosphere for working. 

Call Garage Door Experts

A garage door is an extension of your home. As such it requires regular maintenance to keep the space fully functional and accessible. Stay ahead of problems by scheduling a garage door tune-up from ProLift Garage Doors. For immediate service contact us at  (888) 824-9947 to get your life back on track.

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