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Look-out, the season has begun!

Everybody knows with summer on the horizon, it’s cook-out season! With all of the great summer Holidays honoring our country and those who served, you may want to create something patriotic and tasty… and not spend tons of time or energy on it. We have the perfect desserts for you! These star spangled treats will be the rave at any BBQ or Cook-Out. In fact, they are so easy you may decide to make them for everyday snacks for your children, your friends, or yourself all summer long. Happy Holidays, and sweet eats.

Here’s a few of our favorite Summer Sweets:

Brownie and Fruit Kebabs

This patriotic dessert (on a stick!) is one dessert no one will resist. With just enough fruit to keep calories in check, this brownie-marshmallow-fruit combo is genius, and fun for adults and kids alike. It really is as simple as it looks, just bake your favorite (homemade or boxed) brownies, cut them into cubes, and layer them on a kebab skewer between some fruit and marshmallows! Perfect!

Watermelon Feta Blackberry Skewers

How can something so simple look so elegant? Just when you think these pretty skewers are wedding fare, we are going to suggest them for your next barbecue. They are super easy and deliciously tempting with sweet and salty flavors, and a variety of colors that’s oh-so patriotic. You will be deemed cook-out master for sure!

Easy Flag Fruit Dessert

Who could say no to a delicious, healthy (with yogurt pretzels), and patriotic dessert like this! This one is simple enough the kids can help, but pretty enough nobody will know they did (We won’t tell.) All you need is some fresh fruit, a big tray, and those delicious little pretzels covered in yogurt or white chocolate… and voila! A treat for all!

ProLift would like to sincerely thank all who have served, are currently serving, and the families of those heroes. You are brave, heroic, and the backbone of our great Nation. Have a safe and happy summer, many good memories, and some delicious treats to go along with it!