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Your garage door is used virtually every day, multiple times of day. It is also one of the most noticeable features of your home’s exterior.

it is important to maintain your garage because it is used nearly every day — it is fairly visible — it can pose a safety risk, when left unmaintained. The summer months are the perfect time of year to work on your garage, because the weather is warm. Consequently, this blog will detail three things you can do for your garage this summer.

Clear Clutter

It is easy for your garage storage spaces to become messy. This summer take advantage of the warm weather, remove unnecessary clutter  from your garage. Decluttering is a great way to clear space and create more room in your garage. More space, means more room for bikes, kayaks, and other funny summer toys.


Most homeowners know, it’s easy for debris and trash to sneak into your garage overtime. Clean your garage seasonally to ensure it stays looking great. Summer-time is perfect for a deep clean. Soap and water will go a long way to making your garage look great.

An Expert Opinion

After you clear your clutter and polish-up, give ProLift Garage Doors a call. It is smart to schedule a garage inspection when it’s clean and organized, because you can easily point to problem areas. The experts at, ProLift Garage Doors , will happily inspect your garage and help you resolve any garage problems you may have. Invest in semi-annual garage  inspections for a safe, well maintained home. Our team of certified professionals look forward to working with you.

Rely on  ProLift Garage Doors to help you with your summer garage prep! Our experienced, highly trained team has the skills and tools to resolve your most difficult garage door problems. You can reach ProLift Garage doors at: (412) 453-3336.

Thank you for reading our blog at ProLift Garage Doors!