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As functional and commonplace as garage doors may seem, they actually pose a large potential hazard to homeowners and family members when they’re mishandled. Not only are garage doors heavy, but they also stay in place with thick, strong, highly taut steel torsion springs. The tension of these springs fluctuate when lifting and lowering the door, and have the potential to cause major injuries to homeowners. This makes operating and repairing garage doors a higher risk than most homeowners imagine. Luckily, that’s where the experts come in.

At ProLift Garage Doors, we offer maintenance inspections that are thorough and precise. Homeowners who make sure to have an expert inspect their garage door components on a regular basis are not only less likely to pay for costly repairs, but they’re also practicing a key safety requirement in garage door ownership. If a garage door breaks due to wear, it can move off its tracks or fall without notice. Plus, the electrical aspects to mechanized garage doors may electrocute or cause minor shocks to homeowners who attempt repairs on their own. Garage door repair is something best left to trained experts, and ProLift Garage Doors does not recommend attempting it on your own, since serious injury or death can occur from mishandling a garage door.

That being said, the tools used to open and close garage doors should be kept away from children. Whether it’s a keypad or button to open the door, or a remote to do so from the car, family members who are more likely to mishandle the door should not have access to it’s controls. At ProLift Garage Doors, your family’s safety is of the upmost importance to us, and small precautions like this are important to maintaining that safety.

Last, keep your garage door shut when it’s not in use. Leaving a garage door open leaves homes in a vulnerable state, making it easier for intruders to enter homes or steal items from the garage itself. And even if no one comes near your home, it allows them to see what’s inside. For your own security, remember to close the garage door when you and your family are away from home or finished coming and going for the day.

These safety tips may seem like common sense, but at ProLift Garage Doors, we believe that things like this cannot be repeated enough. We exist to serve our community and provide quality service, which includes keeping you and your family safe and satisfied with the products we provide year-round.

Call a garage door technician at ProLift Garage Doors today with your safety questions and repair needs.