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How to Choose a Garage Door that Suits your Home

How to Choose a Garage Door that Suits your Home

Your garage door can truly make or break your home’s curb appeal. The process of finding the perfect garage door to both complement your home and suit your family’s needs can be challenging. As garage door experts, we’ve compiled this guide with our best tips that will help you make the right choice.

Consider your home’s style

You should aim to align your new garage door with your home’s current style. Classic home styles in the U.S. like ranch or colonial tend to look best with a simpler garage door. For a more modern house, an adventurous homeowner might be interested in an aluminum door with glass panels. Ultimately, when selecting a garage door, the goal is to craft a cohesive impression alongside the rest of your home. For help determining the style of your home, use this visual guide!

Determine climate factors

The environment around your home will influence which materials and styles you should gravitate toward when selecting a garage door. A wood door, for example, tends to show more wear and tear than a steel door. If you live in an area where the doors will be subject to more exposure to the elements, more durable materials like steel may be preferable over materials that are more susceptible to damage such as wood or glass.

Analyze household needs

Factor in the way your family uses your home before investing in new garage doors. If you happen to have any budding hockey players, there is the possibility that a puck might occasionally rebound against your garage door. Avoid garage door styles that would be impractical for your family’s needs. With our many options, we can help you find doors you’ll love that also can handle whatever your family throws at it.

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