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The Importance Of A Yearly Garage Inspection

The Importance Of A Yearly Garage Inspection

Garage door maintenance is often overlooked, but did you know that every year more than 30,000 people are hurt in garage door accidents? Every time you pull out of your garage, the doors seem to open without fail, but what if they actually need to be repaired or replaced?

Many homeowners only have their garage doors checked by a professional once they stop working entirely.

It is important to stay proactive when it comes to garage door maintenance. Although garage doors appear light, they are actually very heavy. The springs and mechanisms that bear the weight are under pressure anytime the doors are opened or closed. For this reason, ProLift Garage Door business owner, Travis Nicolette, recommends having your garage doors checked by a professional every year. In an interview with CBS News, Nicolette conveyed the importance of staying on top of your garage door maintenance before expensive repairs are needed. After all, it is much easier to replace a rusty spring or loose screw rather than having to install a new garage door.

October is a great time of the year to schedule garage door repairs or maintenance.

Be sure to have a professional inspect your garage doors before the temperature drops and the potential for heavy snow becomes an issue.

At ProLift Garage Doors, we offer professional consultations and a variety of custom garage doors to suit your needs.

From the garage door itself to the garage door opener, your local ProLift Garage Doors can help you find the best garage solutions so that you enjoy pulling into your garage. Contact your local ProLift Garage Doors by calling (888) 754-3063 for a free estimate.