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How to Maximize the Size of Your Garage

How to Maximize the Size of Your Garage

Has your garage become a jumbled mix of tools, bikes, and bulk items? If so, you’re probably like many of us who use our garages as multifunctional storage spaces. While great to use a garage as a sort of “catch-all” space, it can quickly become cluttered and even dangerous when items are stored improperly.

As leading experts in the garage door industry, we included some of our best tips on how to organize your garage so that you can make the most of your space!

Reduce clutter and discard broken or damaged items:

The primary step in maximizing the size of your garage should start with taking inventory. Garages tend to accumulate clutter very quickly, so we recommend going through your garage and discarding broken items or donating things that are no longer used. Doing this step first will help reduce the potential for clutter and also make the process of organizing your garage much easier.

Use shelves to store large, non-perishable items:

If you use your garage to store larger bulk items like paper towels or soda, we recommend purchasing a shelf to store these products. While all of us have been guilty at some point of precariously balancing one thing on top of another, the often compact space within a garage lends itself to a domino effect. Using shelves to store items decreases the chances that they jumble into one messy pile and will also make it easier to keep track of what you do and don’t have.

Hang items from hooks:

Hooks can be a great way to increase the floor space of your garage by utilizing the vertical space on the wall. Smaller hooks can be used to hang cables or extension cords to prevent them from getting tangled. Larger hooks are great for hanging up yard equipment. Some can even be used to hang up bigger objects such as bikes. Using the inner walls of your garage can be a practical and efficient way to reduce the space that these awkward items occupy, but always ensure that hooks are installed correctly and certified to carry weight.

Sort seasonal items into bins:

Organizing seasonal items such as clothing or sports gear into bins can be a great way of simplifying your life. Categorize bins by sorting different items according to season. This way, you can reduce the amount of time you spend searching for seasonal objects such as holiday decor within your home. Bins with lids can be stacked on top of one another or on top of shelves. Storing them in this manner will minimize the chances that these items suffer damage due to improper storage. Additionally, by categorizing seasonal items into bins, you can free up space in your primary living areas for the things your household regularly uses.

With proper organization, you can make the most of your garage. But before you start transitioning your new elements into your garage, be sure to call ProLift to make sure your garage door works for you. From Wi-Fi enabled garage door openers to efficient garage doors, your local ProLift Garage Doors can help you create the garage of your dreams this year. Call 888-754-3063 for your free estimate today!