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4 Ways to Maximize Space in Your Garage

4 Ways to Maximize Space in Your Garage

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to finally clean out your cluttered garage? The cold weather provides timely motivation to shelter your car from the frost.

But your garage provides an opportunity for more than just storage or a home for your vehicles. Here are four creative ideas to make your garage work for you!

1. Build a home gym

Many gyms are still open, but indoor facilities offer a greater risk of contracting COVID-19 than outdoor exercise. As an alternative to shield yourself from the wintry chill while exercising, consider channeling your monthly gym bill to invest in home equipment and build an at-home gym in your garage. For those who like to lift heavy, this can include a squat rack and a bench, or for the more cardio-inclined, an exercise bike can be a great addition to your garage.

2. Create a workshop

Are you a DIY-enthusiast? The go-to repair person for your neighbors and friends? Or maybe you’ve taken to sewing masks during the pandemic. Many craft-based hobbies create handy goods, but the output takes up a lot of space. Your garage is additional square footage that a little elbow grease can transform into the workspace you’ve been needing. Plus, you can get the clutter out of the house!

3. Invest in a game room

Whether you’ve always wanted to hone your table tennis skills or enjoy an evening playing billiards, the garage can be a great place to set up a game room. Plus, the open air can help make a game night more COVID-friendly. Set up a large table for poker nights or channel ‘80s nostalgia into an old arcade game. Or, create a game room for the kids and keep the train sets, castles, and toys small and large off of the floors in your home!

4. Transform your home office

With many people working from home for at least part of this year, it’s increasingly difficult to separate work from play when you do both in the same space. A garage home office can be an easy fix to the problem, creating a boundary between time on the clock and personal time. You may need a wifi extender, and you should consider investing in insulating elements for your garage. Our ProLift Garage Doors technicians can install an insulated garage door to help seal out the cold winds so your garage can become a useable space for you to inhabit during the day.

These ideas use the added space of your garage as an extension to your home. If the traditional uses of a garage best suit your lifestyle, a decluttered garage still offers the promise of protection for your car – and added storage.

With proper organization, you can make the most of your garage. But before you start transitioning your new elements into your garage, be sure to call ProLift to make sure your garage door works for you. From space-saving garage door openers to efficient garage doors, your local ProLift Garage Doors can help you create the garage of your dreams this year.