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Secure Your Home this Holiday Season

Secure Your Home this Holiday Season

Seeing a jolly old man come down your chimney with a bundle of packages makes for a great Christmas story, but watching someone break into your garage and leave with your TV makes for a grim police report. While we all love to think of the holidays as a season of giving, they can also be a season of taking. Home thefts can, unfortunately, tend to increase during the holidays as people travel and become distracted by the holiday bustle. Stay aware of anything suspicious during this season—you don’t want to become the target of any grinches! We’ve created a list of some easy ways to protect your home this year.

Make Your Home Look Occupied

The best way to protect your home from a break-in is to make it an unappealing target for potential burglars. Most home intruders will attempt to break in when no one is home. You can make your home less desirable to an intruder by keeping a light on or leaving a car in the driveway. Always bring in packages and mail to prevent them from being stolen. Pause your mail or have a neighbor collect it if you intend to be out of town for an extended period.

Always Lock Doors and Windows

According to Apartment Therapy, roughly 30% of home burglaries occur through an unlocked door. Locking doors and windows when you leave your home or go to bed may seem like common sense, but it is also smart to keep them locked even when you are home. The chances of someone breaking in while someone is home is less likely, but it is always smart to err on the side of caution.

Keep Quiet About Travel Plans

People are more likely to travel at this time of year which can provide burglars with a perfect window of opportunity to break into your home. We recommend not broadcasting travel plans and refraining from posting about your trip on social media until you are back. Burglars are smarter than we like to give them credit for—they will use any available information to their advantage.

Ensure Your Garage Door is Secure

Make sure to close your garage door and lock the inside door to the garage. Almost 10% of home break-ins occur through the garage. Many people think to lock their windows and front doors, but they may neglect to close their garage door when they leave the house, which is a dead giveaway to show that no one is home. During the holidays, when many of us keep packages or expensive items in our garage for storage, it is imperative to ensure that this part of your home is secure. ProLift Garage Doors can help make your garage secure with a $9 tune-up.

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