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Understanding the Cost of Garage Door Repairs in the Denver Area

Understanding the Cost of Garage Door Repairs in the Denver Area

Home improvements tend to fall into two categories: minor and affordable or major and expensive. While we all try to budget for home repairs and improvements, sometimes the costs are unexpected. The cost of garage door repair often falls into the unexpected category. At ProLift Doors of Denver, we can help with reliable garage door repairs that cost less.

What are some of the most common garage door repairs that cost homeowners money?

The first is a broken spring. This common garage door repair often costs a homeowner more in terms of frustration than money. When you’re ready to go to work in the morning and the garage door won’t open, the disruption to your day can be really troubling. At ProLift Doors of Denver, we understand the frustration you are feeling. We have teams on call to provide emergency and 24 hour garage door repairs. When you call our Denver office, you can minimize the cost and impact a broken spring will have on your day.

Garage door tuneup

Another common garage door repair with a lower cost to homeowners is a regularly scheduled tune up. Much like the maintenance call you schedule for your furnace or AC unit, your garage door can benefit from a regular inspection and tune up. Tune ups are ideal for catching small problems before they expand into more costly garage door repairs. A typical garage door tune up usually includes lubricating the door as well as inspecting end and center bearings, flag and top roller brackets, hinges, and rollers. With regular garage door inspections, homeowners can fix issues related to wear and tear to reduce overall repair costs in the future.

Replace damaged panels

Replacing damaged or broken panels is another common repair that homeowners may not consider the cost of. Whether from use, age or an accident, when a garage door panel breaks or is damaged, it can affect the use of the garage and the overall look of your home. The professional technicians from ProLift Doors of Denver can help determine if the best course of action is to repair or replace broken garage door panels.

When you call ProLift Doors of Denver for an estimate on the cost of garage door repairs, well send a member of our team to your home for a full inspection of the problem. Most appointments can be scheduled for the same day and often our technicians can be at your home within the hour.

The cost of garage door repairs varies based on the work to be completed. For a free written estimate on the cost of your garage door repair, call ProLift Doors of Denver at (888) 754-3063.