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Spring Replacement

Garage Door Spring Repair in Amarillo, TX and the Surrounding Areas of Canyon, Borger, Hereford, and more!

One of the most common garage door issues is spring failure. When they break, you may be unable to open the garage door from the inside or outside your home. In this case, you should call ProLift Garage Doors of Amarillo, the garage door spring repair experts. We can quickly repair garage door springs on all makes and models, so you are able to get back to your day.

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Why ProLift Garage Doors for Spring Repair?

When springs fail, it can be due to wear and tear or the result of a weak component. At ProLift Garage Doors, you won’t have to be concerned about that. Our skilled garage door spring repair experts exclusively use parts of the highest quality, and they have a lifespan twice as long as the industry norm.

Why Not Do the Job Yourself?

Springs play a role every time you use your garage door, although you may not realize it. They perfectly counterbalance the door’s weight as it opens and closes, making it easy to open manually or with a garage door opener.

However, frequent garage door use can weaken and damage the springs, which then requires repair. When this happens, you yourself must raise more than half the garage door’s weight to open it, which can be unsafe. Since garage door springs are under a lot of tension, replacing them yourself might also be dangerous.

Instead, trust the task to the experts at ProLift Garage Doors. We can replace the garage door springs in a secure manner, and you can relax knowing that the job was done properly. We are the garage door spring replair specialists that homeowners turn to when their garage door springs break in Amarillo, Canyon, Borger, and the surrounding areas.

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